Our Depression

By: Qiwen Wu

Today, people spend money without much thought, and increasing numbers end up in debt. Debt, yes it's a horrible word. It means you owe others money that you have to pay off for years. One way to avoid falling into debt is to think before using your money or taking out your credit card. Every cent counts.

The Great Depression created a whole generation of people who learned to use money productively. In 1929 the stock market crashed, and customers' confidence vanished while employees lost their jobs. For those fortunate enough to remain employed, wages dropped. Many were left with debts to pay. No one dared to waste a penny.

We should all learn from the experiences of those who lived during that time period. To avoid debt, start by planning a budget and discern between the things that are necessities and those that are not. Stay away from the things you can do without. Don't take out a credit card every time you don't bring enough money. Instead only purchase the items you need most. After that, if you still don't have enough money, then use your credit card, and remember to earn more money because you've got debt to pay off.

Another way is to use all your change and one dollar bills, as this helps to clear up your wallet. This is a helpful trick since if you have a lot of coins, you will be likely to drop some. You might not think so, but the people in the Great Depression did. At that time a few coins became a dollar, and a dollar provided food that was scarce. So next time you are buying something, remember to think twice before you spend or you'll end up in debt.