Success is counted sweetest

By those who ne'er succeed.

To comprehend a nectar

Requires sorest need.

--Emily Dickenson


I'm pining for a furry hamster                            Very cute and small                                        Dancing right in front of me                              Then zipping through the hall.

I'd give him all my celery                                     And play a game or two                                      And dress him in a suit and tie                           Just like my dad would do.

I'm dreaming of a furry hamster                  Adorable and small,                                            He'd be the cutest of my pets                               I'd love him most of all.

                                                Nasreen (5th Grade)


Don't forget your friend at all                            Who picks you up when you may fall
Friendship is a lovely thing                                  Just like a diamond friendship ring.              Friends stay together 'til the end                       A
nd walk a path that never ends.                     Don't forget your friend at all                             Who picks you up when you may fall.

  At Seven (By Shruthi R.)


At Seven                                                  

On Saturday mornings                                     When the world is asleep                               Nature stirs                                                           The birds sing, the trees dance                          And the Sun glitters into my secret place

Drop                  By                Drop

I always sit                                                                On the left side of the closet                           Where the light shines best                                And there I can always be                           Whoever or whatever I want to be                     But best on Saturday mornings

At Seven        

A POEM      (By Justin O.)

A fire raging in the mind

The magic of writing shall unwind

Power to a typist, writer, or poet

The real way of expressing a mind's note

A variety of vocabulary lies ahead

From mind to spirit flowing to the pen

A person will one day see

A true mind's expression of eternity's peace

A poem

Drifting farther from its tree

Will be a great symbol of family

Like a leaf

The words flow gently through the wind

It will stop strife

And make all people content in life

A Poem...

Winter Poems

                                                                      (First Grade)                                                                        .

                                     The important thing about a snowman is it is white.

You make it with snow.

You give it arms with sticks.

You can give it a hat.

You can give it buttons.

You can give it a scarf.

You can give it a nose with carrots.

But the important thing about a snowman is it is white.


Snow Pug

I am a snow pug.                                                                                                                                        I can fall on a rock.                                                                                                                                    I can break when a person knocks me down.                                                                                       I feel cold. I am happy. I am small.                                                                                                          I am a snow pug.



(by Maliha)

I am a snowman.

I can be built.

I can be built with branches for my arms.

I feel cold because snow is cold and I am made out of snow.

I am something to build.

I am a snowman.

Snowy Owl

(by Kyle B.)

I am a snowy owl.

I can fly high.

I can dive.

I feel as soft as a cotton ball.

I am as white as the snow.

I am as fast as a cheetah.

I am a snowy owl.

The Ghost In My Basement

(by Ari E. 3ed Grade)

Once I saw a ghost in my basement

He was creepy by the door

He was scary, he was bloody

He was sleeping on the floor.

I got my flashlight from upstairs

and went down to the basement

I went to take a look at him

And I pointed the light at him.

Slowly he got up from the floor

then he chased me to my room

I got my lightsaber and smacked him in the face

but it just made him more upset.

I went to call my mom and dad

And we gave him food instead

He ate and fell asleep again

And I put him in a can.

I took him to the graveyard

And I left him sleeping there

I put a lid on the can

So he stays in there, man.