Birchwood School of Hawken Literary Arts Journal

Welcome to "Greenleaf," Birchwood School of Hawken's annual literary and arts journal designed to showcase the writing and artistic talents of our students across the grades. Within can be found essays, opinion pieces, short stories, classroom projects, poetry and art, all of which deserve both recognition and praise. Enjoy!

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 Gold: Cadence, James P, Omar, Saumya, Hope, Jonah                                                                         Poetry: Su-kyi, Caroline, Kartik, Ted, Adharsh, Jonah, James, Max, Andrew, Sofia, Jinan                     Winner Circle: Saumya M., Thomas G., Paul A., Sean M., Josh S.                                                         Art: Josh G., Jack, Audrey, Jasmine, Brookie, Isabella                                                                           Editorial: James M., Qiwen